Driver Assessment Simulator for Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation

A driving simulator is one of the best tools for a driving evaluation when assessing a patient’s occupational therapy and rehabilitation progress for injuries ranging from minor to debilitating. A driver assessment simulator can be used effectively by an occupational therapist as an evaluation tool for the rehabilitation of physical, cognitive, and psychomotor challenges affecting the patient population.

STISIM Drive® -OT is one of the Best Tools for Driving Evaluation 

Why is driving simulation such an effective evaluation tool? It is because a driver assessment simulator allows for:

  • The evaluation of injured or at-risk patients in a safe and controlled environment
  • The ability to produce objective, accurate, and repeatable performance measures
  • Enabling assessment and occupational therapy in a cost effective clinical environment
  • The results are ecologically valid and based on a real-world task by using state of the art driver rehabilitation technology

Why have so many rehabilitation hospitals and occupational therapists chosen STISIM Drive® as their driver assessment simulator solution? It is because STISIM Drive® -OT is the leading occupational therapy driving simulator created and engineered specifically for the rehabilitation community. STISIM Drive®-OT is the only driver evaluation tool that provides:

  • Custom driving simulations specifically designed for occupational therapy assessment and evaluation
  • Custom occupational therapy specific interface that’s easy to use and allows the occupational therapist to quickly launch specific driving simulations with a few simple mouse clicks
  • Customized reports via software that presents metrics and driving simulator data specific to the simulated drive just completed
  • Database features that allow the occupational therapist to easily track and review the progress that a patient is making including replaying and reviewing data from previous drives
  • Print results for filing, or create an electronic data record (PDF file) of the driving simulation results
  • STISIM Drive®-OT puts the occupational therapist in control of the assessment and rehabilitation process

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